Aesthetics / Durability / Privacy

Videos on this site will give you some idea of the unbelievable clarity of the material. One video we track the visual effects from morning, through evening and night, moving outside for an interior view. The exterior of the material is a crisp white which reflects the radiant energy while absorbing very little of the incoming heat. The interior facing color is a neutral grey-beige specially tinted to blend in with most interiors. Both sides are coated with a durable, washable polyester material. A damp microfiber or cloth should be all that’s needed for any mishaps. The material itself is just 7/1000’s of an inch, very light and flexible. Because of the material’s reflective core, it has high tensile strength and will not fade, shrink or tear. Although durable, crushing may leave small creases, with no decrease in the effectiveness. During daylight hours the appearance from the outside will be opaque. This adds a high degree of privacy for both offices and homes. The clean white backdrop may also be used to enhance or promote the visibility of signage or advertising in commercial applications.