Comfort / Use

Although hard to quantify, comfortable is how we would like to feel in our indoor environment. By controlling large temperature swings occurring throughout the day, any and all of your office or home can be a usable space. Before Solar Comfort, office workers would move away from the hot glare of their windows, close the blinds or argue over thermostat settings while their co-workers were freezing across the room. After Solar Comfort, everyone now sits comfortably in a light filled space. Homeowners report that they don’t have to close off rooms or areas that used to be drafty. The whole house acts as one unit. When you reduce the transfer of heat in and out of windows, the whole space becomes balanced. Balanced spaces are more efficient to heat and cool, leading to large savings in energy costs.

There have been questions about how and when to use the Solar Comfort window material.

Since the material is hardly noticeable, let’s in light and controls heat gain and loss day/night, winter and summer, the answer is ‘all the time’. During cold winter days you might be tempted to roll the shades up or push them aside for that passive solar heat gain but are you loosing more heat through that window than you are gaining?