Heat Control / Reflectivity

If radiant energy travels from a source (the sun) and converts to heat as it contacts an object, controlling unwanted heat might involve reflecting it back before it has a chance to accumulate. Solar Comfort radiant barrier rejects between 65%-85% of this radiant energy. During the summer, the unwanted heat is never allowed to pass the barrier, meaning the objects on the other side don’t absorb the radiant energy in the first place. During the winter, any kind of thermal heating that is created to keep the interior warm, is also reflected back into the room before it has a chance to escape through the glass. Cold drafts can be eliminated by blocking unrestricted movement of heat through windows, making every room in the house or office more comfortable. The significant amount of reflectivity comes from construction using technology developed by NASA. Space suits and other items used this radiant barrier material as protection from hazardous amounts of radiant energy found in space.

Absorption of heat is another important factor in any window product. If the incoming summer heat, hits a blind or drawn curtain it is absorbed. That heat radiates into the room you are trying to cool. Solar Comfort screen absorbs just 11% of the incoming radiant energy, a very small percentage compared to any other product. Heat is not allowed to accumulate.