Along with the high degree of reflectivity, Solar Comfort window products allow for a large percentage of ‘openness factor’, (38%). 3-10% is the openness factor base most shading materials start with which means that 90% of the incoming light is blocked. The lower the openness the greater the degree of shading. Since most other shades on the market are not efficient in reflecting heat energy, they elect to increase the shading value, blocking more light in order to provide high levels of shading. With just a 10% reduction in perceived clarity, Solar Comfort material seems to disappear from view. This provides the highest degree of visibility of any competitive product on the market. Another reason for the perceived clarity of the screen is the actual hole pattern itself. Most shading products are made of a woven or square mesh material, blurring the view. The round hole pattern in the Solar Comfort window product allows the eye to ‘see through’ it.