Reflective Technology in a Transparent Screen 


As the intense rays from the sun radiate
through glass, ThermēShade blocks them
before they have a chance to overheat any
interior.  Throughout the day, the material
will reflect 80% of the solar heat gain.


Enjoy winter landscapes without costly
heat escaping through the exterior glass.
The light is bright and the views clear
while the thermal heat is reflected back into
the room, reducing your heating bills.

What people are saying!

Before the installation, I used to get a lot calls and emails from employees that were too hot, or too cold in the office. After the install, the climate in the space is more consistent and doesn’t vary as much and has been easier on the air handlers. So thankfully, the calls have basically stopped for those types of complaints.

Bill Wilson, Public Works Senior Management Analyst, City of Encinitas, CA

Since we installed the shades, I like how more aesthetically pleasing the windows look, it really opened up the room.  I’m also happy that I don’t have to go over anymore, like I did before when we had the old verticals, to adjust them every 10-20 minutes to battle the glare in the afternoons.

(I also don’t have spend any time cleaning or having to wipe down the shades) (low maintenance)

(I don’t really think about if I’m too cold or too hot, it’s just comfortable)

Angela S., Planning Dept., City of Encinitas, CA

They are working FABULOUSLY!

Lori D., CFO, Child Abuse Prevention Center SMUD Deep Energy Retrofit Office Building Study