Roller Blinds    (Manual or Motorized)

Roller blinds are a flexible, low-profile solution for a variety of window configurations. They can often be fitted alongside existing window coverings. The mounting brackets measure just 1 1/2″ wide and can be mounted between the existing covering and the glass. Commercial grade hardware includes left or right side pulls and bottom hem bars constructed of substantial powder-coated aluminum.

Double Roller Blinds    (Manual or Motorized)

Double roller blinds can be an option, where there is a greater need for privacy and total light blocking. Individual mechanisms allow for independent operation. This is a good option for conference rooms and bedrooms. Material for the second roller is not supplied but can be arranged.

Hanging Panels

Hanging panels afford a clean look for any application. They work well for fixed and higher out-of-reach clerestory windows. For assuring year-round efficiency, this configuration remains in a constant position, maximizing year-round energy savings.  Commercial grade Velcro affixes the panel to a mounting bracket.  The bottom hem bar can be easily accessed for window venting or cleaning.

Direct Application

Direct application is an efficient solution for those odd-shaped, out-of-reach, awkward spaces that introduce uncomfortable amounts of heat and glare. The material is custom fit onsite and attached to the interior frame of any fixed piece of glass. The material is permanently mounted using specialized heat-resistant adhesive tapes. Once the panel has been applied, bugs, dust, and static charged particles which would normally create a film on a window are easily removed from the screen with a damp cloth.


Screens are an excellent way to utilize ThermēShade. The material can be fitted in any size frame and mounted to replace existing interior screens. Skylights, let in huge amounts of heat during the summer and during the winter, heat travels up and out through the glass or plastic. By reflecting that heat back in during the winter and out during the summer, you no longer have that giant ‘hole’ in your ceiling, yet you have the high percentage of light infiltration your skylights were designed for.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds and replacement panels can be a cost-effective solution for pre-existing window treatments.  Plastic or cloth vertical panels can be replaced with this, more transparent material. This allows generous amounts of light in, while rejecting heat from those oversized window panels or sliding glass doors.

Sliding Track

Track System with hanging panels, is a simple, elegant way to treat large windows or sliding glass doors with easy access in mind.  Large panels are suspended from a bar track and slide easily past one another.  Bottom hem bars assure that the material hangs well for a clean, modern look.

Sidelite Panels

Smaller sidelight hanging panels are a solution for the decorative windows that are often part of an entry door system. These sidelight windows are often single pane and not efficient.  ThermēShade increases the efficiency of any glass while keeping your views. The ends of each panel are finished with white hem bar and rest easily on small brackets.