Zero Net Energy Pilot

Southern California Edison / San Bernardino City College
Heat reflecting, transparent, ThermēShades and sensor-controlled room darkening Mecho shades were technologies included as part of the Proposition 39 Zero Net Energy Schools Program with the hope of establishing 'proof of concept’ that ZNE retrofits of schools are feasible across California.

COAC Air Conditioning

German J., Director of Sales
We suggest the ThermēsShade solution when additional HVAC modifications become cost-prohibitive.

City of Encinitas

Bill W., Sr. Analyst
Before the installation, I used to get a lot of calls and emails from employees that were too hot, or too cold in the office. After the install, the climate in the space is more consistent, doesn’t vary as much, and has been easier on the air handlers. So thankfully, the calls have basically stopped for those types of complaints.

SMUD Deep Energy Retrofit

Lori D., CFO
They are working FABULOUSLY!

California Center for Sustainability - San Diego, CA

Crystal B., Exec. Assistant
Oh my gosh! There is NO WAY I could have ever worked at this desk without these shades. I don’t know what I would have done without them. Thank you so much!

City Hall - Encinitas, CA

Julie G.
What I liked most was how it helped with the glare. With the windows, tile floors and framed artwork on the walls the light was bouncing all over the place in the afternoons. The shades really made it easier on my eyes.

Residence - Davis, CA

Patti D.
We are trying to avoid adding an expensive AC system. The shades are keeping the house cool. Thank you!

Planning Department - City of Encinitas, CA

Kelly S.
The shades helped reduce the glare, heat, and made it easier to work on a computer monitor by reducing the contrast between the screen and the bright outdoors. Before, I needed to draw the vertical blinds because the sun was like a laser beam shining in my eyes.

Residence - Phoenix, AZ

Richard B.
We put the shades on all our west facing windows. When the solar screens on the outside of the house got ripped, we didn’t replace them. The house is cool and the view is much better.

Planning Department - City of Encinitas, CA

Angela S.
Since we installed the shades, I like how more aesthetically pleasing the windows look. It really opened up the room. I’m also happy that I don’t have to go over anymore, as I did before when we had the old verticals to adjust them every 10-20 minutes to battle the glare in the afternoons. (I don’t really think about if I’m too cold or too hot, it’s just comfortable)

Mondelez International Shipping - Sacramento, CA

Kelly P., Shipping Coordinator
It’s cutting the glare and I was able to move my desk back to the window.

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